#YesAllWomen and Feminist Friday: Conversations Matter

Diana at Part Time Monster just summed up, more eloquently and effectively than I ever could, why this movement and this conversation matters. I’m re-blogging this here, but click over to Part Time Monster and leave a comment and join in the discussion. Our #Feminist Friday discussions have no time limit and generally last all day, sometimes even all weekend. This is an important one. I hope you’ll join us.

Part Time Monster

I believe in the power of words. I believe, especially, in the power of the written word. Writing means not just that we were here, but that we endure. Reading means that we can access and interpret our past. Thus historically, reading and writing have been cultural points of contention; they’ve marked racial, economic, and class boundaries. They’ve also marked gender and sexual boundaries.

(Think of the historical moments when  education was deliberately withheld from lower classes, women, and/or slaves. Think of what we define as “chick lit” or what we see as “boys'” or “girls'” books. Think of the still-common under-representation of women and minorities in the publishing industry.)

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        1. Well, I’m so glad you can walk again! But I am so sorry to hear you still feel crummy. I hope it continues to head in the right direction. I need to pop over to your blog and catch up! I’ve been busy with the kids’ end of school stuff and haven’t been reading like I usually do! Hopefully over the weekend I can do some catching up! Sending positive and healing thoughts your way…


        2. Thank you, Gretchen! And no worries, I have really done more than whine about my relapse and reblog a few things. Mostly I’ve just been catching up on other people’s blogs! Which reminds me, I must see what happened with the womens thing who’s hashtag name is escaping me at the moment. Get back here you rogue thought! Stay! 😉


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