“Words are flowing out, like endless rain into a paper cup,

They slither while they pass, They slip away across the universe.

Pools of sorrow, waves of joy

Are drifting through my open mind,

Possessing and caressing me

Jai Guru Deva, om

Nothing’s gonna change my world…”

-The Beatles, Across the Universe

Welcome to the place where I purge my feelings, share my thoughts and indulge in writing about the things that matter to me. I’ve been writing my whole life. Sometimes the words end up on paper, sometimes they linger in my mind for later use. Sometimes they end up on this blog where I toil over the flow of words and obsess over every detail. And soon I hope to have some of my words land on the pages of a book that I’ve been writing in my head for an embarrassingly long time.

I’m a writer, a mom of three, and a wanna-be groupie (I love to see live music and sometimes it gets excessive.) I’ve lived in the Southeast my whole life and have finally accepted and embraced my southerner status. Things that I love immensely: my kids, new music, old music, being lost in a book, conversations that make me think, dry humor, dark humor, the mountains, road trips, and -of course- writing.

I have no agenda, no schedule, no outline. I simply write about what is rolling around in my mind or kicking me in the gut. I’m inspired by music and find it hard to write without my headphones on. I’m inspired by the words of other writers, their art, their prose, their blood on the page. And I’m inspired by the things going on all around us. The struggles and the triumphs. I’m honored that anyone would take the time to read my words and I’m grateful that you’re here.



  1. Gretchen—

    I just “found you” via a recommendation by Frank Parker of your post on women and the Presidency, which I thought was terrific, though alas! probably too late for this cycle. But we will surely have a woman vice presidential nominee—and if the Dems don’t self-destruct through internecine warfare, she will be ideally positioned for the next election—if not sooner…
    I have just subscribed to your blog. Very impressive.


  2. Just a note to say that I could not have expressed as accurately what you did in your HuffPost article about what men don’t know…. Thank you.


  3. Gretchen,
    Your piece in the Huff Post… I didn’t want to see myself in it, but as I read on about the keys in the hand, about the phone on emergency call I saw myself now and when I was younger. The only other thing you have to know is that as you become an older (middle-aged) woman you are no longer allowed to take part in these discussions because you open yourself to ridicule. If I were to talk about my experiences, such as those you describe, some would look at me and think/say “no man would ever do those things because you’re not attractive”. That’s a function of becoming an older woman. So we swallow our previous/present experiences for fear that they will be met with male ridicule that will make us feel not only hurt but shamed.
    Look what happens to older women who come forward to talk about their experiences with sexual assault. Many (of course not all) of the brutal comments from men are about how it can’t be true because they are so unattractive/sexually unappealing.
    Think about the shroud of silence that age puts on our participation in these conversations.
    Thanks for your bravery.

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  4. “People reading my stuff makes me feel like I’m walking around naked” – I like that, and have never really thought like that before but you’re right. Nice to ‘meet you’.

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  5. Thanks to WordPress and “Discover,” I stumbled onto your thoughts on the Target boycott. Then, I had to read your later pieces. Your thoughts a cogent, controlled, passionate and timely. Blogs like yours may help open minds or help minds open wider. As a “liberal” (whatever the hell that means) in a “conservative” (ditto) burg, I find myself seething at some of the short sided stuff going on around me. So, all this is just to say, “Keep on writing!”


  6. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for your open letter to Trump post, Gretchen. Brave, brilliant and spot-on. And I’m so sorry about the repulsive trolls who have hijacked the comment threads for that post, as well. I suppose that’s the price one pays for speaking out, and is the reason so many don’t…I hope you know that your supporters FAR outnumber the pathetic trolls, and I hope their negative words only serve to fuel your fire.


  7. Hey, just wanted to say hi and that I appreciated your recent post about the transgender bathroom issue. Pretty big topic, hey? I didn’t expect as many comments, but wow, they sure keep coming. Anyway, just here commenting to offer a show of support. Your voice is heard and you obviously got the conversation started in this neck of the woods! I’ve kept coming back to take a look the comments. Lots of people have made interesting points I hadn’t thought of before. Thanks for your well written post and for bringing the topics up. We definitely need more discussions around these topics.


  8. I got linked to your blog through a re-post of “I Don’t Need to Respect Your Beliefs” from My Thoughts Are Pollution. I found that post to be very refreshing and I look forward to more of your writing.


  9. Greetings, Gretchen,

    I’m writing a book about honoring the daughters in our lives. I enjoyed reading what you said about your daughter chasing butterflies in your blog post dated October 11, 2013.

    I’m writing a piece about the symbolism of butterflies with regard to daughters.

    May I quote your blog in this regard? This would include attribution to you and your blog site, of course.


  10. You just don’t see many people wearing “Adirondack” shirts (referring to the image of what appears to be your family). Anyway, that is all.


  11. Hi Gretchen!
    I read you all of the time and it wasn’t until today that I realized I wasn’t following you. What? I love your wit, humor and positive spirit and I’m so sorry that I hadn’t officially visited until now. You can thank Ned for your newest stalker 🙂
    Have a great rest of the day!


  12. Ha! Found you, Gretchen, tucked away in the blogshere and as I scroll down here I see old faces like Linda G and Hugh Roberts who’ve left footprints in the sand before me (do faces leave footprints?). I’m going to press follow, so there, nerrrh! Looking forward to seeing what can be done together with the ossom (as my two driplings pronounce it) 1000voices and more of your damn fine posts!


  13. Hi Gretchen, as part of my blog anniversary celebrations, Gene’O recommended your blog to me and told me why I should be following it. Well, here I am, and I’m looking forward to reading your work and becoming part of your blogging community.

    It’s great to meet you here, and thank you to Gene’O for recommending your blog to me.

    Best wishes,


  14. Found this blog now that #1000Speak is off and running. So glad to be taking part in this great thing you’re doing.
    Love the blog. I didn’t think of it before, but Instagram is totally going to be the new refrigerator where parents hang their children’s artwork with pride.
    I look forward to reading more of your blog here and good luck over the next month, leading up to Feb 20th.


  15. Hey Gretchen, you interested in doing this blog hop?


    The reason I’m asking instead of just nominating you is that it’s not like an award, I only get three nominations, so I want to give them to people who actually want to do this. And I am very interested in how you’d answer the questions.

    As far as I can tell, no time limit on the response post, so it can sit for a couple of weeks if you’re too busy, but I’ll nominate you if you’re interested. Totally your call, and I can deal just fine either way. Got the post written except for the nomination links, and it didn’t take long to write. Just let me know.



    1. Yes, I would love to participate. Thank you so much for including me! I’m honored! And in responding to this I just saw a nomination from Diana in early May – I have no idea how I missed that! Thank you for thinking of me!


      1. yw!

        I usually ping about pages with things like this, but all of my nominees are friends with twitter accounts, so I’ll likely just link to your front pages and tag you all in the Tweet.

        Will run either tomorrow or Thursday.


      2. I miss stuff all the time. If you link to my front page instead of to the actual blog hop post, be sure and drop me a comment or tweet me so I know yours is up, because just linking to the main URL doesn’t send a notification.


      3. Ms Kelly: Just by chance I found you today via your letter to Trump. You sentiments echo mine too. I’m a semiretired attorney in my 70s. I have a question to ask you regarding blogging. May I talk with you?


  16. Hi Gretchen, nice to meet you. Thanks for visiting and following my blog. I hear you about feeling exposed when others read your work – I sweat bullets for days every time a friend asks to read a chapter from my WIP. But I think the fact it makes us nervous means that the writing is coming from the heart and is meant to be shared (for all that know that doesn’t make it any easier). 🙂


  17. Nice to meet you, Gretchen. At the ripe old age of 50, I too am a wannabe groupie. I’m into Japanese music more than English much of the time and a few years back I actually managed to go to a concert in Japan! Failing being a groupie for the most part, I put it into fiction and live vicariously through my characters. Next best thing 🙂
    You’re daughter’s photo manipulation is awesome. 😀


    1. Thank you Linda! Fiction about groupies, that sounds like something I need to read! And my daughter will be thrilled that you like her photo. She sneaks onto my phone and iPad and leaves me these pictures. It’s a funny surprise and a peek into her little mind…


  18. Thanks Don! I have to point out that my daughter said I shouldn’t call this picture art. She didn’t actually draw those faces, she is some kind of weird computer genius and finds all kinds of crazy things to do online with our family photos. She is an artist, however. She loves to draw and sketch, I’ve been meaning to put some of her pictures on my Instagram feed, just so I can cross over into obnoxious bragging parent territory. And I don’t mean that like it’s a bad thing 🙂


  19. I’m intrigued by cultural phenomena and their impact, too. I know how you feel about people reading your stuff. I’ve totally mastered some forms of writing, but other forms still make me feel that way. Sharing fiction is hard for me. Seems like the more you do it, the easier it gets, though. Your about page is very nice. The photo, especially.


    1. Thank you Gene! The photo artwork is by my 10 year old daughter. She’s my witty little artist. She actually captured my family’s personalities pretty well! She loves to get a hold of my phone and manipulate the photos… I love seeing how her mind works…


  20. I have really enjoyed and been inspired by your blog. I would like to nominate you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! I hope that you accept. I would really love to read more about you. Check out this link for directions: http://goodgraceiousness.wordpress.com/2014/01/18/sisterhood-of-the-world-award/. Just link to the blog that nominated you, tell us seven things about yourself, and nominate seven other blogs that have inspired you! Thank you for sharing your blog and be blessed! ~ Vida


  21. Pleased to “meet you”

    I hear you. When I write, I feel naked and vulnerable. I love blogging for the instant connection and feedback. You can imagine today as I began my memoir, I felt oddly exposed and seeking approval from my blogging buddies…. Now, I get to learn the task of feeling confident, on my own about exposing my words to the light…

    I hope that makes sense. I’ve been writing just about all day. Perhaps I should stop now and rest my mind.

    Have a great night,

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    1. No, it makes total sense. It’s exactly how I feel. Part of the reason I started the blog was to try to get past that whole “worrying about what people think” thing. As for starting your memoir, be fearless. I just visited your blog and was blown away by what I read.

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    2. As a woman of the 60s and growing up in San Francisco this is a refreshing blog. Thank you. I have been concerned about the propaganda and the younger women accepting the recent signs of acceptance of being put in a subservient position. I am thrilled to read you blog. Thank you. Barb


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